Tetsuya Noda Viewing Quiet of the Snow

Contemporary Prints in Yokohama, Tokyo, & Nagasaki, Japan

August 7–18, 2013, Yokohama

August 12–17, 2013, Tokyo

August 31–September 14, 2013, Nagasaki

Collaboration: Contemporary Prints from Canada, US, and Japan Exhibition CardDue to the popularity of the exhibition Contemporary Japanese Prints hosted at at Southern Oregon University in February 2013 and organized by Tracy Templeton, Collaboration–Contemporary Prints from Canada, US, and Japan was held at the Iwasaki Museum in Yokohama. Featuring twenty-four prominent artists from Canada, the US, and Japan, the show traveled to Nagasaki for a second exhibition at the gallery EM from August 31 to September 14. These exhibitions were unique, bringing together Japanese artists from two distinct national print organizations—the Japan Print Association and Printsaurus. In addition, Contemporary Prints from Canada and US—a group exhibition of the seven distinguished artists from Canada and the US selected by the Japan curatorial team was held in Tokyo on August 12–17, 2013, during which Templeton lectured on her work and the collaboration.

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