I created this mini-suite after being inspired by a rare visit home to the Saskatchewan prairie combined with initial ideation for an upcoming project, ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity, an expanded book exhibit aspiring to reflect aspects by which we define ourselves as “Canadians.” Pulling away from the broader research required for dis-PLACED, I moved slightly inward, re-examining the cultural identity that had marked my early career. I placed sculptural forms (metaphorically resonant models of abandoned farmhouses I had produced two decades prior) in specific locations and photographed them within the southern prairie landscape to further distort and magnify the vastness of this unique geography. Developing these images elicited a feeling of “going home” that proved essential to beginning the work for ANTHEM, freeing me to explore this imagery in book form. Prairie was exhibited in Armenia and awarded with an honorary mention at the Second International Print Biennale Yerevan 2019, Foundation KulturDialog Armenien (Yereven, Armenia).

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