Women Memory & Psychological Scapes


Organized by Assistant Professor Heather Leir, Memorial University, Corner Brook, NF, Canada, and Megan Pohold, Instructor at Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers, Edmonton, AB, Canada

In January 2017, the Women’s March on Washington garnered international participation, with both physical and cyberscapes occupied by all genders, races, and cultural backgrounds. This portfolio renders the private public through artistic expression, creating a space in which the voice of women is imperative. The portfolio includes intimate narratives from different points of view as well as broad responses to the effects of memory on the psychological landscape of women. The Women’s March and simultaneous worldwide happenings remind us of the value of different avenues of expression and agitation, both big and small, as women continue to face a lack of agency over their bodies and health, the absence of female voices in positions of power, and underrepresentation in museum collections and on exhibition rosters. These are not issues that will be solved overnight. This portfolio allows for continuing conversation, cultivating positive conversations about the multiplicities of women’s experiences.

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