Continuing with the visual language formed in dis-PLACED and further impassioned to connect the work to its origins in the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi, I created a body of work to premiere in 2019 at Tokyo’s Poetic Scape, a show that extended into February 2020. For years, I have been influenced by fellow creatives and conceptually consistent themes drawn from Japanese culture. Unsettled resituates new and modified imagery from dis-PLACED in a more intimate scale. Referring to the larger implications of global issues and the universality of the human condition, these landscapes point to the smaller challenges faced by individuals. Influenced by the current refugee crisis and immigration issues, Unsettled reflects the notion that it is fundamentally necessary for everyone to engage in a physical or spiritual journey while seeking sanctuary. The snowy night sky and obscure viewpoints imply an unsettled sense found in shifting moments of uncertainty, while the sheets and pillows suggest the necessary rest and dreams essential to one’s journey, sublimated in poetic expression. Like a trace of torn folds in a weathered map carried throughout the journey, the gold-leaf lines cite the philosophy of kintsugi, which transcends space-time in healing wounds. The suite also includes a print created in collaboration with photographer and Indiana University professor Osamu James Nakagawa.

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