Collaborative project/commission with Van Roey Groep, distributed portfolio prints, Rijkevorsel, Belgium

In autumn 1978, Van Roey Group started—under the impulse of then-Chairman Johan De Muynck—an initiative to present to relations, together with New Year’s wishes, an original work of graphic art. At the turn of the year in 2015–2016, I was invited to contribute to this tradition, re-edited for the thirty-eighth time. Six artists from all over the world (Belgium, Holland, Canada, and China), were selected to present and introduce their work (two prints from each participating artist) to a large group of patrons, encouraging synergy across different cultural backgrounds, techniques, and young artists in contrast to artists of longstanding reputation. The title of this project is based on the Jack Kerouac quote, “All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” The statement “Dreaming ties all mankind together” is the main theme of the different artworks and also served as a guideline to the graphic artist.

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