dis-PLACED: Gentle Disquiet

Initiated by an invitation to exhibit at Akademia of Fine Arts in Łódź in the show INTER•WOVEN—an event calling for Canadian printmakers to step “outside traditional printmaking”—I expanded my experimentation with transdisciplinary media through large-scale installation to construct new work recontextualizing the relationship between textile and print media. The exhibition was conceived over the course of a yearlong conversation between Canadian curators and the rector of the Akademia of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland, in 2016–2017. Both the city and academy share a rich history strongly focused on printmaking, textile art, and design. Together, they’ve played a vital role in the evolution of European printmaking, and the city’s international knowledge base has generated a vibrant academic climate. One of twelve artists invited to represent a cross-section of coast-to-coast Canadian artistic activity, I created five pieces for INTER•WOVEN that expanded to eleven over the course of three years. The imagery continues with elements of nature to create an obscure world of beauty as well as a gentle disquiet while the scale motions to physicality and invites study of the folds and crevices at close quarters. In these pieces, I took the photo intaglio works from dis-PLACED to new destinations through two- and three-dimensional interplay on fabric. Hung like heavy drapes, the works gather and fall to the floor at times, connecting with the viewers’ physical space.

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