Organized by Wuon Gean, former editor/writer for UK-based magazine Printmaking Today, current editor of IMPACT

Distortion called for prints that require a unique vantage point, both physical as well as conceptual, to be read. The theme of distortion celebrates our subjective view of the world. The portfolio drew on the tricks of perspective in Italian Renaissance ceilings and Dutch interiors, the anamorphic work of Holbein and Escher, and nineteenth-century optical toys such as the magic mirror and praxinoscope. The act of human perception filters and alters vision though processes of synesthesia, color blindness, and hallucination. Technology both extends and distorts what we can see through the use of infrared film and heat-sensitive recording devices, x-rays, and other medical instrumentation; holograms; wide-angle lenses; and prisms.

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