Les États Limites: Gravures at the Prestigious 1700 La Poste in Montréal

Les Etats Limites: Gravure Installation

October 4, 2019–January 5, 2020

Curated by 1700 La Poste Director Isabelle de Mévius, this exhibition presents three artists: the mezzotint engraver Guy Langevin; Tracy Templeton, versed in photo-etching and digital techniques on paper and fabric; and Ariane Fruit, focusing on linocut printing. Emerging from a collective experience of their works, the exhibition brings into view a poetics of the body, a deployment of gesture, and the interplay between movement and the traces it leaves.

This premier event was accompanied by lectures, public tours, a media/press day, and a 172-page catalog featuring Mévius’s and guest essays on the artist’s extensive careers. Thirty-seven color reproduction plates of Templeton’s lifetime of work give the reader an opportunity to study her work in great detail. Situated in a thriving historic district, 1700 La Poste hosts two exhibitions a year with the aid of a team of architectural and exhibition designers, graphic designers, and video producers. The venue has garnered public recognition for its sensitive exploration of the intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and historical points of view of the artists it features. The venue attracts more than 3,000 visitors from every walk of life to each exhibit, and the correlating web capsules produce more than 9,000 views. This three-floor architectural masterpiece space combines the best of the museum and the art gallery as well as of historical and modern architecture.

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