dis-PLACED: Gentle Disquiet at the Evanston Art Center

dis-PLACED: Gentle Disquiet, Evanston Art Center

February 22, 2020–April 30, 2020

Evanston Art Centerdis-PLACED: Gentle Disquiet is a suite of textile prints that refers to the larger implications of global issues and the universality of the human condition. The imagery points to the smaller, more intimate challenges faced by individuals. Influenced by the current refugee crisis, this series adds elements of nature to create an obscure world of beauty as well as a gentle disquiet, while the large scale motions to physicality and invites study of the folds and crevices at close quarters. Taking printmaking to new outcomes on fabric, Tracy Templeton encourages interplay between two- and three-dimensionality. Evanston’s expansive spaces allow for a free-flowing installation using the scale of the pieces to intercept the viewer’s experience. Hung like heavy drapes, the works gather and fall to the floor at times, connecting with the viewer’s physical space.

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Tracy Templeton with Colleagues at Evanston Art Center

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