City of Northern Lights: Canadian Prints & the Edmonton School

City of Northern Lights Installation View at Lecture

October 14–23, 2011

Exhibited As Part of the Second Kulisiewicz International Print Triennial in Warsaw, Imprint 2011

City of Northern Lights ExhibitionContemporary Canadian printmaking has been exhibited in Poland for several years. Not until the City of Northern Lights exhibition, however, did the Warsaw community have a chance to discover the phenomenon so commonly identified with the works of artists from Western Canada. The recognition enjoyed by Alberta is greatly attributable to Edmonton’s University of Alberta, a program widely recognized as an international platform for exchanging ideas on printmaking and the media culture. Today, multiple generations of teachers and alumni from the university share their knowledge on printmaking with a new generation of students and audiences throughout the world. Located in the academy’s Assembly Hall, this exhibition highlighted the unforgettable works of Walter Jule, Liz Ingram, Sean Caulfield, Daniella Schlueter, Karen Dugas, Tracy Templeton, and Davida Kidd, all widely recognized in Poland.

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